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my foot is broken
August 9, 2008, 8:38 am
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I saw a doctor today and my foot is broken. I’ll get the x-rays up later, but the little piece of a bone on the outside of my foot snapped off. I was almost sure it was broken right when it happened because I pushed on where it hurt and I could hear the free piece of bone clicking against the other bone in my foot. I have a nice blue cast and I’ll be in it for at least 4 weeks. I’m going to see the doctor in about two weeks to get a checkup and make sure its healing straight.
Going to the doctor was kind of fun. I went to a privately owned hospital that is mainly used by wealthier Malaysian citizens and expats. It was all marble. Overall the visit was pretty cheap. Getting the x-rays was about 13 dollars and getting the cast and seeing the doctor was about 200. Its a lot cheaper than it would have been in the states. And I got a free tuna sandwich and instant coffee while I waited for my x-rays.


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Yeah, healthcare in America sucks. sorry, had to get that in there. I’m so bummed you broke your foot…I can’t even sign your cast. 😦

Comment by Brittany

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