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Church and Durian
August 10, 2008, 7:04 am
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Today I went to church to meet the people that I’ll be going on a short mission trip with in a few days. I’m going to be flying to Miri in Sarawak (an island southeast of Kuala Lumpur). There I’ll hopefully be going into the jungle (foot permitting) and helping out with the indigenous people of Malaysia. It was a little awkward at times going to a church where I knew no one, but once I met people that were going on the short mission trip it wasn’t so bad. Afterwards there was a pot luck with fried rice, chicken curry, and BBQ pork. Then I got picked up and met some people at a mall for lunch. The malls here are crazy. There are tons of them. The one I went to was big by American standards, but I was told my the Malaysians that it was pretty small.

After lunch there was a durian eating festival for charity. For 10 ringot (3 dollars) you got to eat as much durian as you wanted. I’ve been looking forward to trying this for a while. If you haven’t heard of it, its spiky fruit (if you could call it a fruit) with a bunch of slimy balls inside that have just about the most complex taste of anything I’ve ever tried. At first it tasted savory, then it was kind of creamy, then custardy, then kind of bitter. About and hour has passed since I ate it and my hands still smell kind of like cinnamon and curry? I really can’t explain it. I’m not even sure if I liked it. But at least I ate an entire piece.


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Hi Michael, We are really enjoying your blog and pictures. The durian looks interesting but not very appetizing. Hope you get to go to the jungle and your foot doesn't hold you up. Take care, Love, Buddy&Dee

Comment by riley

hope your foot feels better, dude. I imagine you can get your daily pop culture news through the internets, but if you haven’t heard, both Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac died this weekend. America is paralyzed with shock

Comment by mr mac pogue

hey Michael – most of us at Grace learned about your broken foot when Andy was praying in church, and he said something like ‘we pray for Michael, his mission trip, and his foot which was broken in the airport.’ Hang in there – your blog shows you have a great attitude about challenges which will probably come in handy over the next 4 months!
cheers – Mark Barosko

Comment by UncleOtto

Michael, good to read about your day with going to church and to the mall. The pot luck sounded pretty good. I know that I would not have even tried the durian, but Uncle Jim would have definitely given it a go. We hope you get to go into the jungle and that your foot is healing properly. You have an amazing outlook and keep up the good spirits. Love, Uncle Jim & Aunt Sue

Comment by Jim

i can’t believe you ate durian. that stuff is DISGUSTING. when my mom buys it it stinks up the fridge for days.

Comment by Jacqueline

Hi Michael, We are glad you are
still in one piece! I was wondering
if you could send me one of those lunch time specials? Yum!! We look
forward to following your trip.
God's blessings on you my friend.

Ross & Giselle

Comment by Giselle

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