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Youth Leaders Conference
August 13, 2008, 8:30 am
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I’ve spend the last three days at a southeast Asia youth leaders conference. It was delegates from the Presbyterian church from a bunch of different countries around the world sharing ideas and discussing issues that they all have in their own countries. There were people from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and a couple of western countries. I was there as an observer because I’m not from an east Asian country, but it was really interesting to meet people from so many different countries. On the last night we went out into KL and went to a Mamak stand. Mamaks are Indian Muslims. One of the main things they sell at these stands is a crepe like thing called roti. I got one with banana in it. Then they give you different curries (fish, lamb, lentil) and you dip the roti in it. I thought banana and curry would be gross but it was actually amazing. Then we had pulled tea to wash it all down. Who knows when I’ll have internet since I’m going to Sarawak. So it might be a while.


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So glad to hear that you are persevering! did you learn any interesting things @ the Conference? Praying for you here, friend!

Comment by Rod

Dude looks like your trip is going well. Glad to see that your foot is doing well and no more fever.

Kuala sounds like a pretty kickass spot.

I mean it must be they since they filmed that movie with Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery there or was that someone else.

Keep up the posts. They are being read!

Comment by Kristian

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