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Wall e + Food courts
August 20, 2008, 1:29 pm
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Today wasn’t super exciting but it was a good one none the less. The people that I’m staying with went to Singapore for the next couple of days, so today I tagged along with another family that is with the mission organization I’m interning with on this trip. Around lunch I went to see Wall e. They have 4 little kids so it was fun to see them running around and watch them get all excited about seeing Wall e. The movie came out about two weeks ago here and it was only 6 ringot(2usd) to see it.
After Wall e I want back to the house to watch 12 channels of the Olympics. I realized how boring handball is and how enthusiastic Europeans are about canoeing. Nothing really exciting. Then around 7 I got picked up again for dinner. I really love eating in Malaysia. It seems like every time I eat something here its new. Small food courts are really big here. You sit down, get your drinks from one person, then go to different stalls to get each individual dishes. They have a fried noodle guy, a satay guy, chicken rice, and tons more. I went for a teh tarik (sweetened tea that is poured from cup to cup multiple times in a pulling motion), popiah which was like a Malaysian burrito of sorts, and chick satay. Another great part about eating here is the fact that everything is so, so cheap. The popiah was 1 usd, the teh tarik was less than a dollar, and the satay (split between the three of us) was about 4 dollars.
Tomorrow I’m going to the Islamic Art Museum and hopefully trying more interesting foods.


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marty gave me the link to your blog…exciting stuff! good to see you are doing well. i look forward to reading more of the adventure.
on the journey,
jeff summers

Comment by Jen

Hey Michael, your food reviews are making me hungry 🙂

So happy for you and proud of you for taking risks, for stretching.

Continue to live big,

Comment by Marty

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