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broken foot news, the royal family, and joel osteen
August 25, 2008, 6:49 am
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i went to the hospital today. after getting another x-ray the doctor told me that my foot hadn’t shown enough signs of healing, so i’d have to keep the cast for another month. i forgot to bring the old x-ray, but he still said it didn’t look good enough. he saw that the cast is cracking and isn’t in very good shape, but he didn’t want to go downstairs and make a new one, so i still have my old smelly cast.
On my way out a motorcade showed up and some old lady stepped out of a s320 mercedes. After asking a guard i figured out that it was a member of the royal family. I took a picture of her car (below) then the guards got mad at me and told me i wasn’t allowed to take pictures of any royalty (even though it was only her car).
then i took a taxi to the train station and took the train back to where i’m staying. The trains are really nice. they reminded me a lot of BART.
Near the train station i met up with the people that are hosting me for lunch and some shopping. They have a Carrefour here which is like Walmart in France. I wanted get some cheap clothes and they had lots there. I got three pairs of dockers like pants, a polo shirt, and a blank shirt for about 100 ringot (about 30 usd). And in the book section i was slightly surprised to see the new Joel Osteen book, being that this is an Islamic country and all. you can never escape him.

And a couple of days ago i saw a huge lizard thing on the side of the road. it was like 3 feet long.


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sorry about the progress of your foot…. That stinks!– Literally! Please take care of your self!

Comment by Rod

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