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Touristy stuff in kl
August 28, 2008, 9:39 am
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Today i went into kl to get lunch and do some touristy wandering around. We got indian food which was amazing, as usual. They have this stuff here that i’ve never had in the states called chicken jalfrezi. I’ve had it twice so far and its ridiculously good. Its a creamy sauce with bell peppers, curry, chicken, and some other stuff i’ve never had. After lunch i split from the group and tried to find a way to send stuff back to friends in california. first i tried dhl, which was like 30 usd. then i finally went to the local malaysian post office, which is called POS. a lot of stuff here is an english word without the t on the end. Restaurant is restoran, post is pos, etc. It was only 3 dollars to send a package home. Then i wandered around Petaling street, which is the main china town, knockoff street. it was mostly just westerners buying knockoff shoes and purses. I decided to take pictures with my holga. Mainly i’ve just been taking pictures on my digital camera, but it was nice to take a break and take some black and white pictures. i brought 30 rolls with me and hopefully i’ll get some more from my dad in January. I took the commuter train back to USJ (where i’m staying) and tried to get a taxi back to the house. Taxis are weird here. They are really picky of where they go and are usually jerks about it. they usually try to rip you off or just tell you they don’t want to drive there. luckily today it didn’t take too long to get a ride. No pictures today, since i was taking holga pictures. But i’ll have some interesting ones soon. I’m going to a huge hawker market tomorrow, then a chinese wedding tea ceremony, so i should have some interesting pictures from those two.


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