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banana leaf
August 29, 2008, 6:52 am
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Today i got banana leaf with an elder that i went to Sarawak with. He had been telling me about it for a while on the trip and promised to take me when we got back to kl. Its a pretty simple concept. You sit down, they give you two banana leaves, then they give you rice and veggies. If you want you can order chicken, mutton, or fish curries to go with it.
Elder asked for these little salted chilis about half way through. After taking the first bite i didn’t think that they were that spicy, but the second bite had a lot more seeds and my eyes started watering pretty badly because it was so spicy. I also got to practice with eating with my hands. I’m getting pretty good. I can manage to not get too much in my beard.

When you are done you fold the leaf over, they pick it up, and you go wash the curry and rice off your hand. One weird thing was that they they don’t give you cold water. They only gave you really hot water to drink. This meal was pretty spicy and the last thing you want to drink it hot water. I asked for a kopi (coffee) tarik (pulled) with ice to cool my mouth down.


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