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Wedding, Bak Kut Teh, and Jalan Alor
August 30, 2008, 1:29 pm
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Today started off early with a wedding that started at 9 am. I got picked up at 8:15 by Elder Dava. We had some time to kill and he asked me if i wanted to get some food; a traditional Indian breakfast. I’d already had breakfast and i was full from dinner the night before, but i decided to give in. He took me to the same place we got banana leaf the day before and order rawa tosai. It was a spongy pancake like thing that came with daal and some chutneys. It was pretty good. then we made our way to the wedding. It was the wedding of the daughter of the pastor of the church that i went to sarawak with.
After the wedding i went with some people from the mission trip to get bak kut teh. I’d never seen malaysians get so excited about a meal. Now i understand why they were so excited. Bak kut teh is a breakfast stew of sorts that has different mushroom, fried bread things, a really good sweet herbally broth, and big pieces of pork (malaysians get excited anytime pork is involved also). Then you mix it with flavored rice, sweet thick soy sauce, garlic, and small chili padis. it was amazing. I was offered a piece of the spare parts (intestines). It wasn’t my favorite. It tasted pretty funky.

Then later in the night i went with my supervisor and his family to Jalan Alor. Its a street in downtown KL that has a bunch of food stalls. we decided to skip the toads…

but decided to go for the stingray.
I’m pretty sure i’ve gained like 5 lbs since i’ve come to malaysia. between not walking because of my foot and having at least 4 meals a day its hard to stay slim.


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Glad to hear that you have gained 5 lbs. haha. And the bah kut teh is heavenly eh? Have a good trip to Bangladesh and try not to think about those juicy porks. 🙂

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