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pictures from the conference
September 11, 2008, 4:51 am
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I got a chance to get online again today, so i uploaded some new pictures from the past few days. this picture is a guy preparing the beef curry. he got a big cow head and chopped it up for the curry.

this picture is the skin and horns of the head when he was done with it.

and this is the meal as it looked on my plate. i’m adjusting to eating with my hands pretty well. i’m getting my technique down. the key is to make a tower of rice, daal, and other stuff then keep it in a ball in you hand and scoop it with your thumb up into your mouth. and lime is commonly squeezed over your food here. the lime is a really nice touch.

I went to the center for religious studies last night for dinner. Its the place where i’ll be living most of the time over the coming months. Its on the 4th and 5th floor, which is quite hard to do with my broken foot. but i’ll get by. I’m pretty sure i’ll be the only english speaker living there. so hopefully i’ll learn some bangla.
I’ve been uploading some videos to youtube over the past month. So far i only have two videos from sarawak. Its hard to find a good enough connection here to upload videos. I have some more to upload from bangladesh, but i haven’t found a fast enough connection. my youtube channel is

And now some interesting facts about bangladesh and its culture that i doubt anyone is aware of.
1) you can count to 20 on each hand here.
2) thank you and you welcome are rarely used here. the “over use” in the west is seen as insincere.
3) if you finish the food on your plate it means you haven’t had enough food. this leads to over eating until you learn to leave some food.
4) men and women rarely are seen having physical contact in public, but many times you will see two men or two women holding hands as they walk.

hopefully interesting facts about bangladesh will be a recurring segment on this blog.

and one last thing…
i took a picture in a village in northern bangladesh that i think is pretty funny. i hope you enjoy.


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sounds like so much fun!!! it sucks about the foot. i can tell you’re totally loving the food

Comment by Jacqueline

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