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exploring the dhaka expat social scene
September 19, 2008, 4:00 pm
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So, today was a bit of an unexpected one. I made my way to international church this afternoon. I was trying to get a 3:30 taxi, but for some reason it translated into getting a 3 o’clock taxi for a 4:30 church service. I was kind of frustrated because i didn’t want to be there an hour early. The taxi driver didn’t know where he was going. He kept asking people but for some reason he decided it wasn’t worth the effort to actually find the church and decided to drop me off at a hospital. maybe he looked at my leg and decided that’s what i really wanted. I pointed to the hospital and said, “international church?” he said yes. I decided to get out anyways. I looked up the number of the church on my computer (luckily i brought it with me) and i got in contact with the pastor. He said he was on his way and he’d pick me up. The church service was good. It was in english. I was so happy to be having conversations in english. it was a different group of people from any other church i’d been to. Its pretty much completely expats. So you have people from tons of countries. i’m sure every continent but Antarctica was present. And the expat women in Bangladesh wear the same clothes that the Bangladeshi women wear. So its kind of weird to see a bunch of Caucasian women wearing salwar kameez and saris.
After church i asked the pastor if he could figure out a ride home for me. he said he’d take me to a taxi stand. Then later on the told me that he had to have coffee then he could take me. i told him i wouldn’t mind speaking more english and tagged along with him and his wife. Then after coffee he told me that he was going to a going away party for someone and if it was ok with me, he’d drop me off after that. I was so happy to be spending time with more english speakers. the party was for a british teacher that was going back to england. There was an assortmant of western foods and lots of teachers that could help me out. I talked to one that is copying books for me so i can have some curriculum when i’m teaching. And i was introduced to a guy that is works of a removable cast company. He is in charge of all of their manufacturing and told me that if i wanted to get a boot, he could hook me up. He showed me the catalog and showed me which one he’d get me. They make hundreds a day and it wouldn’t be a problem to procure one for me. So if my foot isn’t healed, i can get this smelly cast off and use the removable boot. besides the boot, the teaching materials, and the food, it was also really nice to just talk to people about the frustrations of being in dhaka. I’m going through what everyone else is/was going through also.
All in all it was a really nice night. I’m teaching tomorrow morning. wish me luck.

things you probably didn’t know about bangladesh, part II:
1) giving the thumbs up sign means “up yours!”
2) traffic accidents are solved by seeing who can yell louder and longer at the other person.


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Michael, Great to get the last couple of updates… Keep us informed on your cast… that sounds “providential”!!

We will pray for you at Grace Marin in the morning, PDT! You may already be asleep.

God’s blessings, friend.

Comment by Rod

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