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Grammar books and cheeseburgers
September 26, 2008, 4:10 pm
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today is friday, which means i go to church and speak english. Besides the going to church and speaking english part i was also excited to get some grammar books from a teacher that i met at that going away party that i went to last friday. I got books, as you can see above. They have all sorts of exercises and stuff like that. But to be honest, i don’t think i’ll get much use out of them. one problem that i’d been having is that i would not be able to explain the concept in a simple manner. I’ve been wanting to teach the present continuous (…ing words) to my PCB staff class. It’s tomorrow and i was hoping these books would help, they don’t really. But i did manage to find some really, really good websites that explained how to teach stuff and also had tons of exercies. its funny how 3 months ago the things that got me excited on the internet were new light bike parts and old russian cameras, now its the present continuous and different grammar websites. I have a whole lesson planned out for tomorrow. lately i’ve been just winging it, but i’m ready for tomorrow.
And the cheeseburger part… after church the youth pastor and his wife invited me to the canadian club with some other people. I had a big “canadian club” burger with bacon and cheese. It was amazing. It also came with french fries and pickle. i never realized how much i missed pickles. They only had huntz ketchup. I haven’t had heinz ketchup at all in asia. To be honest, its far superior to anything else. all the other stuff just doens’t taste the same. but besides the ketchup, the whole meal was a very nice departure from rice, daal, and all things curry.
Now, i’m loungin’ in my lungi making my grammar lesson.


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Ah, yes, the wonders of Heinz ketchup. I don’t think Roy completely understands my obsession with it. You will certainly only find Heinz in our fridge here in KL – so when you come back to visit, help yourself. I could send you a bottle if you want when Phil comes to visit next as it is sold in Asia on occasion. Glad things are working out well and your grammar lesson went well. If you want some game ideas I can send you a couple. But they might be a bit beyond your class room right now. Roy says hi.

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