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biryani saturdays
September 27, 2008, 11:57 am
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today i taught to my class of PCB staff members. As i wrote earlier, i had it all planned out and it went just as well as i was expecting. It was a pretty good feeling when the first person figured out what i was trying to get across to them, then explained it to the rest of the class. Then there was this “oooooooooooooohhhhhh” moment from the entire class where it all clicked and my roll as a teacher got much easier. Needless to say, this boosted my confidence as a teacher and makes me feel like i might actually (maybe) know what i’m doing. One example that i used that i liked was that my dad probably wasn’t building the new shed/guest cottage in the backyard at this very moment (it was like 12 am back home), but he is building it over the next few weekends. I used that to explain that the present continuous can be and ongoing action that hasn’t yet been completed yet. it’s weird to have to explain the english language to people that don’t find it logical. it might make complete sense to you and me, but it hard to step outside of your own understanding and break it down for someone who has no prior knowledge of the concept. i have a lot more respect for my spanish teachers in middle school and high school now.
After teaching i we all had biryani. I really like biryani. Its a slow cooked rice dish with lots of spices and usually meat. It’s not originally from bangladeshi, but i think its my favorite food that bangladeshi’s eat. The stuff we always get comes in a mini cardboard box and has some sort of cow joint on it. there isn’t much meat to be had, but the meed that is contained on the joint is very flavorfull. before eating i got in a discussion with one student about the food in america. He was amazed to hear that we didn’t eat rice everyday and that i had really never had daal before coming to bangladesh. I explained that we don’t have silverfish (the national fish of bangladesh) in america and you can’t import any bangladeshi fish into america. It was hard to explain to him that sometimes i have italian food, or mexican, etc. I did show him a burrito on google images and explained how i usually have at least one burrito per week. In the picture of the burrito he pointed out the rice inside. bangladeshi food seems to be more utilitarian. When he would talk about a food he would talk about how much protein it had compared to other and he seemed to treat it more like fuel. good lentils have more protein per kg than chicken or beef, for example. more on bangladeshi food


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