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Wild goose chase
September 29, 2008, 8:58 am
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I went to banani after teaching to get some lunch at a place called Dhaba and go to coffee world before heading to the us embassy to get my absentee ballot figured out. I could print a thing out and send it in, but i don’t have a printer and i kind of wanted to see what the embassy was like. I got to banani at 11 and the embassy didn’t open until 1. unfortunately i couldn’t get naan and kebabs at dhaba because they were closed, so i had to settle for some pizza at coffee world. It was ok.
After killing a bunch of time at coffee world i headed off to the embassy. It was in the neighboring part of dhaka. when i got there they told me to turn off my phone before going in and told me that laptops weren’t allowed. I didn’t have anywhere i could leave my laptop while i went in. I got really frustrated, told them that was a stupid rule, and tried to get a cng back to uttara to drop off my laptop and return to the embassy. Like 10 cng drivers crowded around me all yelling at me in bangla. I didn’t know what they were saying and some guys that spoke a little english helped me out and got a cng for me to uttara. Then i had to driver wait while i dropped off my stuff and headed back to the embassy. I thought there would be other americans in the embassy, but i only saw bangladeshis waiting for visas. There were like 100-150 of them all waiting. I got the american citizen section and figured out that because of ramadan the hours are 1-3pm instead of 1-4. It was 3:15. I left, frustrated again, feeling extremely dissapointed in my country’s operating hours and regulations.
I had the same situation for getting a cng when i got out. Luckily the guys that helped me earlier kept calling me towards them. They asked me why i was back and i told them my story of how i couldn’t take my computer in and how they are closed because of ramadan. Popco, the guy who spoke the most english, helped me get another cng. I offered to buy him an RC cola for helping me out (twice) but he said he was fasting so he couldn’t drink anything.

When i got back to the center there were classes going on and i didn’t want to disturb anyone so i hung out with the kids. We watched some BBC World News and hung out on the roof. Ridoi tried on my raybans.


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Wow that sounds like a crazy day for you. Lovin’ the bloggin’

Comment by Adam

How is the foot?

Comment by Marty

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