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embassy take two and roti stands
October 6, 2008, 6:34 pm
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So i decided to go the embassy again today.  I remembred to bring just the stuff i needed and didn’t bring my computer.  I got the US citizen part and eventually somone showed up at the window.  i registered (told the us govt. i’m in bangladesh for the time being), filled out absentee voter info, and got a ballot.  Now i just need to go back sometime and return it.

After going to the embassy i decided to go to what i guess what would be the closest thing to times square in bangladesh.  It’s called Gulshan circle and it’s a huge intersection that has a big advertisement screen like times square and has a bunch of different shops.  I was trying to find a computer store.  I found one after about a half hour of looking, but i also enjoyed just wandering around and taking in the site.  I was a little hungry and i kept smelling something cooking.  I finally followed the scent to a group of street food guys.  The pictures below are of a stall that makes roti, eggs, and daal.  Roti is a lot like a tortilla, except it’s slightly thinker and sometime it’s a bit more floury on the outside.  But as far as i’m concerned it’s almost the same thing.  the guy was also making scrambled eggs, with onion, fried eggs, and then you could get a scoop of daal with it all.  communication was a little tricky.  i wanted roti, an onion omelet, and daal, but i ended up with one roti.  it was only 4 taka and figure i’d be back sometime later to get the full meal.  Here’s some pictures.


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