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dhaba craving
October 9, 2008, 10:15 pm
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yesterday, about 20 minutes before lunch i got the biggest craving for Dhaba.  I can’t remember if i’ve mentioned Dhaba before, but its a kebab place in Banani.  conveniently close to coffee world.  I quickly gathered by coffee world supplies (lonely planet b’desh, map, laptop, charger, and sunglasses) and headed off to banani.  dhaba was even more amazing than usual.  I got some sort of dry rub chicken that was 2 dollars.  then i got two orders of garlic naan and a pepsi.  When you go there they also give you this light green sauce and a plate of pickled onions, cucumbers, and seriously hot chilis.  I ate all of it pretty quickly, then soon realized that i can’t eat like i used to.  I’m used to eating a plate of rice, veggies, and daal.  But eating chicken, two orders of naan, and pickled vegetables was too much.  i lumbered over to coffee world and messed around on the internet while sipping on an americano. It was quite nice.

Eventually i had exhausted the long list of blogs and sites that i’d been deprived of because of my slow connection through my cellphone and headed back to uttara.  By the time dinner rolled around i was still uncomfortably full and told the students that i woun’d t be able to eat dinner since i didn’t feel good.  Later on in the evening my stomach started feeling better, but i really didn’t feel like eating anymore.

Today wasn’t much more exciting.  My main task was to make homework for my center students and start working on my lesson for saturday.  Then after lunch i got a call from a pastor’s wife.  She was telling me that the principal of an international school wanted to talk to me about me filling in for a teacher(s) there.  20 minutes later i was sitting down with the principal.  She’s was in need of an economics, physics, english, and chemistry teacher.  I told her i’m bad at writing essays, so i’d be no help with giving help revising them, I had done ap econ in high school, but i’m by no means an econ major type, i like physics and might be able to help, and i didn’t do too well in chemistry, but i’d be willing to take a look.  so i started looking at the text books for chemistry and physics for classes 7-9.  I’m going to get back to her about if i can do it or not.  I’d rather get settled and into a routine with the students i have now before taking on a lot of responsibilities at this school.

And i was talking to my mom today while a guy was walked down the street selling chickens from a basket on his head. My mom said, “what’s going on outside?” i told her what it was and that the guy was 5 stories down.  I don’t know how the guys project their voices so much.


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haha! i apparently have dhaba cravings once or twice a week too. was shocked to see a foreigner(this is a compliment so dont misunderstand me) get dhaba food cravings like me. i usually run for doi fuchka (its usual fuchka with yogurt instead of tamarind). and two days ago i had what you ordered, garlic naan ( i wonder how they make it? sprinkle garlic powder of top of butterd naan i guess), and chicken. absolutely fantastic.

and about the guy selling chicken, was he shouting oyyyyy murgieeee in a queer fashion? belive me, bring born and brought up here still hasnt failed to mesmerize me on how they say it 🙂

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