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cricket, shingaras, and sushi
October 11, 2008, 6:06 pm
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yesterday i had a day full of speaking English; something i don’t get to do all the time.  I first got sushi with somebody from the international church before church.  By the time that done, my voice was starting to hurt because i wasn’t accustomed to talking so much.  Then after church i had dinner with some more people from church.  this morning my voice felt better but i still had about three and a half hours of teaching ahead of me.  Now my voice is pretty raspy and kind of soar.  I have a few days to let it rest before i start talking again though.

the sushi i had was pretty good.  I was pretty skeptical getting sushi in Bangladesh.  We decided to stay away from the raw fish as to avoid getting a stomach aomeba or something like that.  Instead we went for gyoza, tempura, and a shrimp tempura roll.  It was mighty tasty.

After teaching today i went back to the center and just in time for lunch.  Then when we had our second tea time (3:30) the cricket test match was on between New Zealand and Bangladesh.  When i first got to B’desh i saw a couple cricket matches on Tv and just thought it was really stupid.  Then I talked to some Australians about it a couple of days ago and i decided to give it another try.  After learning all the vocab (wickets, runs, overs, bowler) i started to kind of enjoy watching it.  Hopefully i’ll be able to go to a cricket match sometime soon.

If you haven’t noticed, i like talking about food. These are like samasas, but they are the B’deshi version of it and they’re called shingaras.  It’s less oily on the outside, is only filled with potato and curry, smaller, and not triangular.  Its really good and really cheap.  before lunch there are people selling these all over the place.  usually they are 3 for 10 taka, about 15 cents. grab a couple, stick them in the paper bag, and enjoy them during your CNG ride.


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Eventful day.

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