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presents from switzerland
October 12, 2008, 10:27 pm
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Pastor Ayub was in Swizterland for the past couple weeks.  I had dinner at his house tonight after church and i was in for a couple of nice treats.  I specifically asked for salad during my last meal at home (aug. 7th to be exact).  i was very particular about the salad.  It needed butter lettuce, oil and vinegar dressing, croutons, carrots, and goat cheese.  Oh how i miss that salad!  Tonight at dinner Pastor ayub told me we’d be having some salad because he wanted this son to eat more.  It’s not very common here.  It wasn’t the salad from home, but it was amazing.  I hadn’t had uncooked vegetables like this for so long.

After dinner Pastor ayub’s son brought out a plate of chocolate from switzerland.  I didn’t eat any chocolate when i was back home, but i’ve been craving dark chocolate for the past couple of weeks for some odd reason.  I really wanted dark scharffenberger chocolate, to be exact.  But they don’t have a woodlands here, so it’s been hard to find good chocolate.  I settled for a twix a couple days ago.  Luckily, tonight the spread included some nice dark chocolate.  It was really good.  Here’s the plate after i finished it.

Before church, i decided to go to a market i see all the time on my way back to uttara.  It was mostly food.  Lots of fish, chickens, and vegetables.  i had to hold my breath for the fish part.  it was kind of strong.  Here’s some pics:


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