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October 16, 2008, 7:59 pm
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I used the new mathematical english lesson approach when i taught on wednesday and it went pretty well.  I can tell people are getting it because they are asking more questions.  that might now make lots of sense, but before they would just stare at the board and say “yes” when asked if they understand, even though the didn’t.  But now they can compare it to bangla sentence structure and start to piece it together.

My aunt heard that i wanted to buy some picture dictionaries for my students to boost their vocabulary and she decided to help pay for them.  today i went to get them. my students will be happy to receive them on saturday.  One of the kids that works at the book stall was trying to rip me off again, but i haggled him down.

And, there is a new link on the links section, on the left.  It goes to a list of blog entries i’ve done over the past 3 weeks for my friend’s blog/group website.  it’s called partylyrainy.com.  My posts so far have only been about adjusting to bangladesh, but they are longer, more indepth, and thought out than what i write here.  You can navigate away from my page and see the other 5 writers’ articles.  They range from power ranger to the economy to paul o’neil.  I’ll be writing a new article every wednesday.


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