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take your son to work day
October 18, 2008, 6:33 pm
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I think it was take your son to work day for the cng wallah i had a couple of days ago

before church i tried to go to the embassy to turn in my ballot, but it was friday and closed.  they said i wasn’t on the consulars guest list.  At first i was confused, but then it started to make sense.

After church i went to El Toro.  According to Lonely Planet Bangladeshi it’s the best Mexican food on the Indian subcontinent.  I like to think of myself as fairly knowledgeable on the subject of Mexican food.  It was pretty surreal being in there.  It looked almost exactly like a Chevy’s but more decorations.  The one difference was that all the servers and cooks were praying in the back of the restaurant so we had to wait for them to finish.  I was brought back to reality once i saw that.  the food was decent.  where else will i find refried beans and salsa.

After El toro i went to Movenpick with some people.  It’s a really good swiss ice cream place.  Its super plush and very expensive for bangladeshi standards.  Bangladesh is a country of stark contrasts.  you can be in movenepick and forget you are in a developing country, then at the same time look outside and see 6 year old kids begging.  I got carmelito ice cream in a waffle cone.  it was good.


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please tell me you have been to bella italia, i guess the pizza is good (errr im a total food lover here)and u do get some Italian taste

Comment by nirudho

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