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switching districts
October 21, 2008, 8:21 am
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There are some guests here from Norway and Hong Kong, so i’ve been tagging along with them for the past couple of days.  Yesterday we drove about 4 hours to a town called Magura to visit a rural church.  The pastor is one of my students, so it was a good chance for me to see what his exact English needs are.  He speaks like 5 languages, but English is not one of them.  hopefully i can help.

On the way there we had to cross the Padma River.  we drove onto a ferry boat and wandered around during the 3 km ride across.  One of the guests wanted to buy some guavas.  The guy wanted 100 taka each.  That’s way too much.  I successfully haggled him down to 25 for 3.  I was quite proud of myself.

On the boat there was 2 cars filled with american guys from USAID.  It’s funny to run into americans on a river boat in Bangladesh.  They are here from Georgia.

After meeting the church members we had snacks, of course.  i ate lots of coconut, along with some bananas and that grapefruit thing.

After the church we headed back to Dhaka and stopped for a cultural event.  I was only told that there would be a snake charmer.  It ended up being a big event.  The commissioner (kind of like the mayor) had a stages setup and all the people in the town were beckoned to come watch the performance by huge loud speakers that blasted bengali songs in every directions.  There were a bunch of bengali throat singers.  They are part of a mystic sect of Islam called lalone.

Then there was a traditional bengali folk singer.

and the snake charmer.  He had 2 cobras on stage with him.  The snake charmer reminded me alot of my friend john’s birthday party where “Desert Dave” came to show us all sorts of reptiles and spiders and stuff.  Except Desert Dave didn’t have cobras.

The show ended up going for 3 hours.  We eventually made it back to dhaka at about 10, where i fell asleep immediately.


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Wow! What an experience. You have some crazy stories that will really be fun memories.

We miss seeing you at Grace and think of you often. We also pray for your safety and that your stay will be not only an amazing time of your life, but also a spiritual experience.

Take care and looking forward to hearing the stories in person! 🙂

Comment by Giselle

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