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rainy day means sleepy day
October 27, 2008, 7:30 pm
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Because the weather is changing and learning how to do small talk is a valuable american speaking tool, i decided to teach my students some weather vocab and sayings.  because i don’t speak bangla, i try to talk about what the words i’m teaching would be in bangla.  for instance i started talking about sprinkling.  i made a sprinkling motion of sorts with my hands and the students started saying guri guri bishdy.  That is how you say sprinkling in bangla and it’s now my favorite bangla phrase.

Then at lunch Roshid said “rainy day means sleep day.”  because of my new blanket and the guri guri bishdy outside i decided to live by that saying for today.  Then at like 7 pm one of the teachers was being really really loud outside my room.  I woke up and got frustrated.  when i’m bored i get homesick and/or frustrated with the culture.  If i had decided to go out today and walk around i probably would have gotten mad at rickshaws and trash and gotten even more frustrated with life here.

Hopefully it isn’t guri guri bishdy tomorrow so i can go out and do stuff.


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