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market pictures
October 30, 2008, 9:01 pm
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Lately i’ve been feeling tongue tied while trying to write, so i’ll keep the writing to a minimum and just give you a bunch of picture.

My lens on my digital camera became non-operational in the beginning of October.  I’ve been awaiting a new one that i ordered online, then had my parents send to me.  The package arrived a couple of days ago, and i’ve been going to markets to get back into taking lots of pictures.  The first market i went to I call the bamboo market.  its on the side of the road and is made up of bamboo poles and tarps.

On the way there a guy selling jems was trying to get my attention.  He really wanted me to take his picture.

Then today i went to a market that is about a 15 minute walk north of me.  It’s right on the Tongi river.  this market felt much older and much more interesting.  It just had a different vibe from the bamboo market.  you walked down some steps off the main road and down into the market and it winds its way through along the banks of the Tongi.

this guy was selling jewelry on the bridge over the Tongi.  I really like his expression.  His loud speaker was playing a tape player.  The only thing I could understand from the recording was “city gold! city gold! city gold! city gold!” then it would name a bunch of cities in Bangladesh.


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