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happy halloween!!!!!!
October 31, 2008, 10:50 pm
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halloween isn’t really celebrated in Bangladesh, so this post has very little to do with Halloween.

It was international night at church.  Because the church is made up of people from 6 of the 7 continents, every year there is a competition with which country or region can display the most talent.  Africa won.  American did square dancing.  I hadn’t dosidoed (sp?) since middle school.  And i got kind of sick from all the spinning around.  It reminded of how my brother called me “the dancer” for about a year after my parents saw me doing a ballroom dancing unit in middleschool and told the whole family about my amazing dacing skills.  I am not a good dancer, so i have no idea where they got that from.

Anyways, there was also a geography/international trivia contest.  My partner and i got 4th place and won a shawl.  Here’s me wearing it.

Here’s Australia doing a song about Vegemite.  It was really odd.

I also got a haircut today.  Getting a haircut or shave in Bangladesh so far has been nothing but frustrating. The first time i got ripped off, the second time my hair got ripped out during the post shave head massage, and this time i sat in a chair for an hour while a guy cut my hair from slightly long to a buzz with scissors.  It took forever and i couldn’t get him to use the electric clippers that were right next to me.  Oh well, it was only 80 taka.  also, Fridays are kind of like Saturdays here, so lots of people had the day off and i had to wait 45 minutes.  But i did get to watch the India-Australia cricket test match and some MTV India.  They had a music video called “singh is king kinng” that has Snoop Dogg dressed up as a bollywood guy.


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