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vanning around bangladesh
November 5, 2008, 11:42 pm
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The last couple of days have been hectic.  My supervisor along with a ton of other people are here for various events.  There is a group of dentists here doing dental work, one group of mostly europeans here seeing the work that is being done by pastor ayub, and my supervisor is here with a smaller group also seeing the work that is being done here.

One of my students got to try out his translating skills for the first time yesterday.  Although most of us could tell that he was simplifying what he was saying, he still did a great job and was very smooth.  The person he was translating for is from the south and used a lot of southern idioms that the student didn’t quite understand.  I had to chip in during those.  But overall it was very encouraging for me to see his improvement and see him putting some of the english he’s learned from me to good use.  Sometimes i feel like i’m not getting through to the students here, but i could tell that sylus wouldn’t have been able to translate nearly as well (if at all) before i got here.


After vising the center we went back to Banani and had Korean food with everyone.  The dentists are a group of koreans-australians so they helped everyone out and ordered a bunch of various korean dishes to try.  It was fun to try new food that wasn’t bangladeshi.


Today we got up early and made our way to Magura.  I made the trek there a couple of weeks ago, but this time we visited a rural house church.  It was about 6 hours each way and included crossing the Padma river each time.


finally we made it back to Dhaka at about 10pm and had dinner at the hotel.  I’m surprised to say, i was cracing dal and rice all afternoon.  So, for dinner i had a big thing of rice, dal, and plane naan.  It was really good dal too, so i was happy.

I’m always astounded at how pretty rural bangladesh is.  Maybe it’s because i’m stuck in the city 75% of the time, but i think its hard to disagree with me that the scenery below is ugly.



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The last photograph is beautiful. I love how the clouds are mirrored in the water.

Comment by Elizabeth

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