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November 8, 2008, 12:42 pm
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I’ve been at a conference about 1.5 hours north of Dhaka for the last two days.  Well, actually we are commuting to the conference everyday, which can be extremely irritating.  It’s really not that far, but we are usually stuck in annoying Bangladeshi traffic the entire time.  Last night we were stuck in traffic for a while because a car was trying to push a baby taxi down the road because it had broken down.  Instead of doing this on the side of the road they decided to stay in the middle and block traffic for everyone.  I decided to stay in dhaka today and regain my composure. I’ve been getting kind of irritated with bangladeshi culture over the last few days.

One positive thing is that i’ve noticed that i’ve really been missing traditional Bangladeshi food.  Because i’ve been staying at a hotel for the last few days i’ve been eating mostly indian food and kababs.  I’ve been really craving dal and rice.  So, i guess after about 2 months of being here i’ve finally gotten acustomed to eating the food.

Here’s some pictures from the conference. When the speakers were talking in Bangla i’d go around and take pictures of the kids and walk around.


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