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Thanksgiving Dinner
November 27, 2008, 7:04 pm
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Shortly after I finished making my masterful turkey hand, i finalized (kind of) my plans for thanksgiving dinner.  I ended up at a person’s house from church that i’d never met before.  I was sooooo excited to eat turkey and pumpkin pie and stuff without curry in it. The only thing missing was my family’s sweet potatoes.  I got a bunch of orange stuff that i thought was sweet potatoes, but it was pumpkin instead and i’m not a huge fan of the fried pumpkin that is commonly served in Bangladesh.  But, it was a great meal and it was nice to share the day with a group of mostly americans (there were three canadians and two bangladeshis).



Besides the great food, i also got thinking about the meaning of thanksgiving more than any other year.  Maybe its because i’m away from my family or its because i’m always reminded of how much i have compared to the people in Bangladesh, but i really thought about how thankful i am to be having this experience in Bangladesh and i’m very thankful for the comfortable life that i’ll lead once i get back to america, whenever that may be.

I hope all of you enjoy spending time with friends and family and enjoy eating to your hearts content.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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