Michael P

Vietnamese embassy and Christmas presents and JPG Magazine

today i tried again to find the vietnamese embassy.  (i’m really getting tired of trying to get visas)   I found the email address for the embassy so i emailed asking for the address and directions.  The problem is that there are two house 7s on road 104 in Gulshan 2.  After over two hours of searching i finally managed to find the tiny booth and picked up my application, only to see that they wouldn’t be open until next thursday because of a Muslim holiday on Monday.

I got back to the center, feeling defeated and tired, and got back to reading my bootleg copy of harry potter 7.  After a little while a student told me i recieved a package the main PCB office and i needed to pay 1600 taka (like $22) to get the package.  They charge you all sorts of stupid fees when you get something sent here.  there are handling fees, customs fees, taxes for importing anything into the country… I was already have a pretty crappy day and i assumed that this was an english teaching book that i ordered back in september that was finally arriving.  It would have been no use to me now since i only have a week of teaching left. I really wasn’t excited to pay another 20+ dollars for a book i payed 25 dollars in shipping for and didn’t need in the first place.  At dinner i got the package was surprised to see that it was actually full of Christmas cards, magazines, and scharffen Berger chocolate.  My church got all the kids to make like 25 cards for me and some the other church members wrote me letters saying Merry Christmas.  I was pretty happy to enjoy my magazines, odd drawings from the kids, and chocolate.



Some of the things the kids wrote were pretty funny but a lot of them just didn’t make any sense.

The magazine on the top of the picture is called JPG.  Its a photo magazine that is made up of pictures that people submit online according to certain themes/assignments and users vote on their favorite picture.  I submitted the picture at the top of my blog back in the beginning of October and didn’t expect anything to come of it.  The assignment was faith.  It’s a hindu deva, so i thought it was applicable.  I got an email a while ago from the editor in chief saying that my picture was going to be in the magazine.  I was pretty happy.  Here’s the full sized picture.  It’s in the newest issue of the magazine.  i haven’t seen it yet, they don’t sell many photography magazines in Bangladesh.



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