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Christmas and Stuff
December 27, 2008, 10:00 am
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I really didn’t know what to expect for Christmas.  I’m not a huge fan of all the Western Christmas tradition of gift giving and Santa and stuff like that.  So i was looking forward to a Christmas that didn’t involved cheesy Holiday music and endless ads for sales at local malls.  On Christmas Eve the Pastor Ayub came by with a cake for everyone at the center to eat.  I was given the honor of cutting the cake and i asked for plates and forks for everyone.  I was kind of confused why I was the only one that got a plate and fork but the Bangladeshi way of eating cake is just to plop it in your right hand and eat it right there.

img_2823The next morning i got up early to go to the PCB land.  It was a white christmas of sorts.  Not snowy, but it was really cold by Bangladeshi standards.  We piled into a Toyota HiAce and made the 1/2 hour trip.  After waiting around for a while we had a Christmas service that was pretty much like what i would expect in America, except for the fact that i was in Bangla.  I stood up and talked about what Christmas is like in America (with the aid of Pastor Ayub translating).  People looked pretty confused.

A while after the service ended we had one of the best meals i’ve had in Bangladesh thus far.  Amazing fish, dal, mutton, misty (sweets), curried vegetables, and of course, rice.

img_2859I’m always amazed that people can make such good food with a couple larges fires and some big aluminum pot things.


Instead of taking the HiAce back, i decided to take the bus back with the students.  We had a nice walk through the rural countryside, then took a loud, two stroke baby taxi, then a super crowded bus.


I moved out of the center on Christmas and into the a hotel that i’ll be staying at with my dad, uncle, and brother.  They’re arriving tonight at 9 pm.  I guess for Christmas i got a hot shower and consistent fast(er) internet.

Also, the election here is heating up.  I went for a walk yesterday and happened on a huge (2-3000 people) rally for the Bangladeshi National Party.  I’m almost as excited for the election here as i was for the election in America.  Bangladeshi has much more at stake than the US did.  Everything goes down on the 29th  and i’ll be explaining more about the election tomorrow.


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