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January 23, 2009, 7:38 am
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I finally made it back to SFO on monday morning.  I had some ticketing snafus, but nothing $3800 in new tickets booked at the airports(s) can’t fix.  Hopefully this can be settled outside of small claims court, but i’m doubtful.

Being back in America is weird to say the least.  I don’t quite feel like i’m here to live.  I feel like this is another country that i’m visiting. There’s lots of things that i’m not used to having to think about.  When i drove or walked around before i left i didn’t think much about the way that i cross the street or my driving habits.  But not i’m so used to the Bangladeshi street rules that often times i go across the street when cars are coming and they stop for me.  In bangladesh it would be my responsibility to make sure a car didn’t hit me.  But here, everyone is very cautious to make sure they don’t hit me when i’m waiting in the street to let them drive by.  it’s pretty annoying.  The list of driving differences and mistakes that i’ve made so far is endless and i won’t bore you with it.

Besides driving and walking, i’m also having problems finding stuff i want to eat.  I’m so used to bangladeshi and vietnamese food that when i walk into the grocery store nothing really jumps out at me.  I started not craving western food a couple of months ago and i really just want some rice and dal or a big bowl of pho.  I had tacos today, and they were good, but i’d much rather have asian food.

I’ve started developing my film, all 30+ rolls.  So far i’m about 8 rolls in and i’ve gotten some good pictures.  I with i’d brought more color film because those turned out much better than i was expecting.  please excuse the dust and lint on the pictures.  i scanned them in and i’m just doing it quickly to see which ones i like.






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Hi there…by chance i stumbled upon your blog and it sure brings back memories of my time in good old Dhaka Bangladesh.

I share your same sentiments when you said that it’d weird being back in America. I was in Dhaka for 6 years and it took me some time to adjust back to the country that I was from. For me living and working in Dhaka Bangladesh was a once in a lifetime experience which I will never forget.

Thanks for the memories…

Comment by val

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